Golf Thing Clothing


My vision for Golfthing Clothing happened 6 years ago when I was employed by a billion dollar business in St Louis as the personal chauffer of the president of the company. Working so close to him and his team for over 30 years had given me a desire to become independent , grow, and be fruitful in my life. I had learned so much about business, networking, working with customers and had this great idea. Being an avid golfer I’ve always had the mentality to not only play good but look good , this particular day I was playing golf I looked very closely to the golf designs and everything looked so repetitive so I started sketching designs and later had someone to design the women’s clothing, later I was introduced to a guy in NY that was affiliated with a manufacturing company I had some of my designs made got involved in a PGA trade show in Orlando by GOD’S blessing at the trade show I met the president of a manufacturing company and Golfthing Clothing was born.


Our mission is to have a new unique , colorful, comfortable design of golf clothing that is compatible to any sizes, satisfies any customer at any level of skill and experience. Our vision is to engage in productive and positive things to help benefit communities of color through community involvement at the local and national levels. 


The game of golf has always been on another level to people of color in this country, most of whom I’ve talked to had the mentality : what’s the purpose of chasing that white ball?
That question is now kicked to the curb especially after seeing champions like Tiger Woods dominate the game for such a long period. And we’re seeing after learning the fundamentals the golf game is “ phenomenal “ ! Golf has proven to me to be ultimately one of the best networking tools on the planet. It allows you to connect with anyone at any level of skill, and having the gift of gab and a decent golf game helps as well!


We stand for a fit lifestyle.

We stand for inclusion.

We stand for justice and equity in sports and beyond.

We stand for entrepreneurship.

We stand for community involvement.

We stand for the highest quality and best style on
and off the course!

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